‘ Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well ‘ 

                                                           -JOSH BILLINGS 

This blog is about an individual person , a girl who needs your attention to get over with her Anxiety.

When she looks in the mirror 

She doesn’t see what you see 

You see, 

Skin and bones,

The sunken face,

And dark circles under her eyes.

She looks in the mirror 

And sees just the opposite .

She sees a girl ,

With too much fat here 

And there

And her body figure just not perfect .

You tell her to eat ,

And that she’s way too thin .

The voices in her head 

Are saying,

If she eats she will gain,

And be way too fat to be loved .

She has been told countless times over 

You are special ,

Unique ,

And loved by all.

On the other hand the strong voices shout,

You are worthless,

And plain,

You don’t deserve any of their love.

This child 

She needs your ever lasting support ,

And love .

Continue to tell her she is special ,

Worthwhile person 

Undeserving of this terrible disease .

The road to recovery will be a bumpy one ,

With many curves ,

Steep hills ,

And valleys.

With the love and support from all

She will again realise she is loved 

And wanted.

You may feel your words 

Of hopeful strength ,

Are sounds she isn’t listening to ,

But your words will soon 

build up in her head 

And conquer her evil thoughts .

She will soon blossom ,

And live a life of 


And laughter 

Once again.




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