‘How deep is your love?’

“I’ve lived I’ve loved I’ve lost I’ve missed, I’ve hurt I’ve trusted I’ve made mistakes but most of all, I’ve learned.”

You all must be thinking if this article is about a guy or a person whom I am asking or telling how deep is his love but  No, there is one more person on earth who loves us but we don’t know how deep that person loves us. The person I m going to talk about is MY MOTHER. The one I admire the one I love the most  and I feel so sorry for not being the daughter she wanted but finally I m here mother. 

I know the words won’t rhyme but they surely will express my feelings .

Hello mommy!! 

Sometimes I know the words to say

Give thanks for all you have done 

But then they fly up and away

As quickly as they came

How could I possibly thank you enough 
The one who makes me whole 

The one to whom I owe my life 

The forming of my soul

The one who tucked me at night 
The one who stopped my crying 

The one who was the expert 

At picking up when I was lying 

The one who saw me off to school 
And spent sad days alone

Yet magically produced a smile 

As soon as I came home 

Who paints the world a rainbow 
When it’s filled with broken Dreams

Who explains it all so clearly 

When nothing’s what it seems

Are there really any words for this??
I find this question tough 

Anything I want to say 

Just doesn’t seem enough 

What way is there to Thank you
For your heart, your sweat, your tears

for ten thousand little or beyond things you’ve done

For me for my need 

For never giving up on me 
When your wits had reached their end

For always being proud of me 

For being my best friend 

And so I realise

The only way to say 

The only Thankyou that’s enough 

Is clear in just one way

Look at me before you 
See what I have become

Do you see yourself in me?

The job that you have done ?

All your hopes and all your dreams 
The strength that no one sees 

A transfer over many years 

Your best was passed to me 

Thank you for the gifts you gave
For everything you do 

But Thank you mommy most of all 

For making my dreams come true!

 For being my Mom

Thank you for being the best I could ask for 

Life isn’t a mess , life is good 
Because I m with you 

And you are with me 

Thank you isn’t enough again! 

But mom I really got it how deep is your love for me 

For my dreams 

Your love is deep that I m lost, 

Just be friends and support each other

I will protect myself from this cruel world 

And you protect me from my bad side . 

Love you!

-Love ,
Your daughter ! 



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